Genius Light

$689 SGD


The Talika Genius Light is a wearable device inspired by NASA technology, offering eight innovative treatments through Light Therapy and electrostimulation. It supports collagen production, facial contour lifting, and microcirculation to defend against pollution and environmental aggressors.

It balances and brightens the skin tone, soothes inflammation, and boosts the efficacy of cosmetic treatments for a radiant, healthy, and youthful complexion.

How to use:

1. Install GENIUS LIGHT by positioning it on your face like glasses.
2. Ensure good contact with your skin and adjust the tie to your head.
3. Turn on GENIUS LIGHT, select the language and mode, then the desired beauty program.
4. Moisten your face with thermal water spray or lotion to promote conduction.
5. Press the center button to start the chosen program.
6. Hang the clip and adjust the electrostimulation intensity if applicable.
7. The chosen program starts and stops automatically with a "beep."


Bezel: Use a microfiber cloth.
Electrodes: Use a standard antiseptic.


Use the USB cable supplied with the mask.

Content: Multi-function device

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