DEFENCE XAGE Skinergy - Perfecting Concentrated Serum 30ML

$137.80 SGD $172.20 SGD

Firms, Smooths, Illuminates

Sensitive and Intolerant Skin

Pump 30ml

Free from: Nickel tested, Presevative free, Gluten free, No microplastics

Based on a high concentration of the REJUVENATE SGF™ complex, this serum is ideal used in combination with the other products in the range for enhanced results. Performs a multi-corrective action on all ageing signs, even the most visible ones. Enriched with soft-focus microspheres, gives radiance and refines the surface of skin. Day after day, the overall appearance of the face will be improved, skin will look more turgid and compact and facial contours will appear redefined. Comes in a fluid, fresh texture that is quickly absorbed.


  • Use in a layered fashion beneath a cream of the same range for enhanced effects to reduce ageing signs, also deep-set ones, improve skin firmness and elasticity with a redensifying and anti-sagging effect.


After cleansing skin, apply a few drops to the face and neck in the morning and evening and massage in an upward motion. Use in a layered fashion beneath a cream of the same range for enhanced effects.

Rejuvenate SGFTM: special complex which stimulates the release of key skin growth factors, thereby increasing the activity of fibroblasts and the availability of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

“Soft focus” effect microspheres: microparticles that reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Provide a silky touch and allow to harmoniously diffuse light, turning skin tone radiantly alive.

Hyaluronic acid: of a low molecular weight type, improves hydration in deep down in skin and favours natural skin differentiation processes, thereby strengthening thin, dehydrated skin.

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