DEFENCE TOLERANCE Essential Cleansing Water

DEFENCE TOLERANCE Essential Cleansing Water

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Cleanses and removes makeup from the face and the eyes.

Skin-rebalancing cleanser that includes no harsh surfactants. Based on a formulation that includes very few ingredients, it is ideal for cleansing and removing make-up from particularly delicate and very sensitive skin of the face. Preserves the hydrolipid skin barrier and helps to prevent skin redness and flaking.
Ophthalmologically tested on sensitive eyes. Also suitable for contact lens wearers.

*Nickel-Tested, Preservative-free, Gluten-free, Fragrance-free.

Use to gently cleanse very sensitive and intolerant skin, remove make-up (also non-waterproof makeup in the eye area) and impurities. Recommended when tap water used to wash skin is scaly, which can dry up skin, especially if sensitive and intolerant.

Apply to face and neck using your fingertips, gently massaging to ensure a better removal of all impurities and makeup residue, then gently remove using a cotton pad. According to what the user prefers, can or cannot be rinsed.


200ml bottle

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