DEFENCE SUN 30 Melting Cream High Protection 50ML

$55.20 SGD $69 SGD

Normal and dry sensitive skin

Photoaging Protection

50 ml tube

New, eco-compatible formula specifically designed for normal and dry skin, with a soft, velvet-like and non-oily texture. Designed to offer triple photoprotection to skin:- broad-spectrum defence from UVA-UVB radiation,- defence from free radicals induced by IR radiation,- defence from long-term biological damage thanks to the Pro-Repair Complex, which strengthens the natural protection and biological repair mechanisms of skin. Tested to be non-comedogenic. UVA-UVB-IR protection. Resistant to water.


Apply in an adequate amount before sun exposure and repeat application frequently. Avoid direct contact with clothes. May stain Clothing.


UVA and UVB filters photostable

Nicotinamide helps to counter biological damage by strengthening the natural mechanisms of DNA protection and repair.

Beta-Glucan/L-Carnosine patented association that stimulates the natural, biological defences of skin and counters freeRadicals.

Vitamina E has an antioxidant effect

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