BIOSTIMULINES Capillary Treatment for Hair Loss

$155.80 SGD $206.80 SGD

10 x 0.5ml 

100% Plant Placenta Extract Special effects on Stopping Hair Fall

Preventing Hair loss and Regenerating Hair Growth

Combat: Thinning Hair in Woman and Baldness in men


What is Plant Placenta?

Plant Placenta in the most effective natural hair regenerator know today. It is composed of placenta extract of vegetal origin. it has a strong regenerating property that reduces Hair loss and improves hair regrowth.

Plant Placenta Effects on Hair:

Moisture plant placenta is able to reduce water loss in hair, replenishing hair with moisture and making hair hydrated. Along with lost moisture your hairs natural luster and glow.

Regeneration Plant Placenta is quick to be absorbed by weak scalp cells. It grants these cells a rest period and provides rich nutrition to scalp cells, promoting healthy hair growth.

Safe and effective results Clinically Proven:

Special hair program Only 50 Days

Boosting healthy scalp cell regeneration

100% natural ingredients

No additives, preservatives or alcohol

No harmful side effects.


How to apply?

 Unique air-tight phials guarantee freshness and proper preservation.

Comes with a safety filler and plastic cover for controlling application and dose.

  • Apply a few drops on your fingertips.
  • Massage fingers into the scalp in small circular motions for 1-2 minutes all over and leave on.


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