SVR Physiopure

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SVR Physiopure: A range of gentle cleansers, face washes & makeup removers for sensitive skin. It thoroughly cleanse pollutants, makeup and impurities which is the cause of irritate skin. These mild cleansers are formulated with oxygenating magnesium to release impurities from the skin, leaving it cleansed, reoxygenated and hydrated every evening.


Micellar cleansing water, a gentle makeup remover for sensitive skin. Erase every last trace of make-up and impurities in one simple step. Rapid, super-effective removal of pollutant particles, make-up & grime. 3 in 1- Face, Eyes + Lips. All skin types - All types of make-up including waterproof make up.


Make-up remover pure and mild. Physiopure Cleansing Milk has been specially developed for women with dry skin. As creamy as it is light, this make up remover milk melts on the skin to eliminate the impurities.


Gentle foaming gel-cleanser for sensitive skin. A wash-off mild cleanser with an extra light yet effective formula. Foams into a creamy lather to thoroughly cleanse skin without stripping. Normal-combination skin. Purifying, refreshing cleansing gel face wash that doesn't dehydrate or strip the skin.


Physiopure Toner is the final step in make-up removal. By moistening the skin and cleaning every last impurity, this toner prepares the skin to receive the products to follow.

Try out the SVR Physiopure series to replenish your skin mineral with 100% efficient, pleasure and absolute tolerating to sensitive skin. The 1st beauty gesture to oxygenate the skin.

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